Where are we located

Our Sailbase is in Viana do Castelo a city in the North of Portugal. The city provides all range of wind and waves conditions, giving us the guarantee of more then 95% of possible days to sail. With interior bays and a wide river it allows us to sail even in the pick of the winter when the Atlantic is more aggressive.
The annual average temperature is of 20 degrees Celsius and the average intensity of the wind is around 12 knots.
With the Oporto and Lisbon airport just a small distance away, is easy to get to our Sailbase. Viana is a very safe city and is ideal for sailors to focus on their training without any distractions and for family’s that wish to come with their sailors to enjoy a good time and see the beautiful things the city as to show.


Fitness is one of the most important things to have a good performance at sailing so at VianaSailing we have the right environment for you to improve your specific and general fitness skills.


Viana do Castelo in Portugal is one of the best places to sail in Europe with a range of wind mostly between the 10 and 15 knots and sunny weather it offers amazing sailing conditions out in the sea or in the river.


Our base is equipped with everything a sailor needs to work properly, with modern looker rooms, briefing rooms, social areas and restaurant it provides 100% confort to all our clients.
Laser 4.7

Our installations

Our installations are one of the kind in all Europe. The base has a huge hangar where you can go inside even with your boat rigged, rooms for girls and boys with a total of 10 places for each, a very complete gym, class room full equipped for all the briefing and debriefing, restaurant always opened for you and providing all the three main meals and a lot of Laser charter boats so you can enjoy even more your time with us.

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Centro de Vela - Zona Portuária
4900-363 Viana do Castelo

41.685044, -8.837729


+351 925 883 490


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